Monday, 23 March 2015

A Ridiculously Large Makeup Haul


I haven't posted in a while (more on why soon) but since my last post I have gone a little cray cray on the makeup purchases. I have acted accordingly and since placed a loosely binding makeup spending ban on myself effective of right now. I thought I'd share my makeup purchases from the last month with you lovely makeup lovers so here goes the haul:

*(swatches are at the end)


Makeup Revolution highlight in Golden Lights. 
I have heard TOO much hype surrounding this brand and was sceptical about the claims of "high end quality at more than affordable prices" but after a few in-store swatches I now see that the claims are true. I wasn't in the mood to go crazy on this particular day apparently so just got this show-stopping highlight in Golden Lights.

beautyuk Ultimate Contour Palette
I saw Nic from Pixi Woo talk about this in this video and decided to give it a try. I've since realised that I don't dig cream contouring on me but it's still a good palette, especially for those of you with your eye on the new Anastasia cream contour kit who want to test out cream contouring before they commit to a £40 palette.

B. Rich Intense Colour Lipstick in Rose Quartz
I was seriously considering treating myself to a Chanel lipstick, even though none of the shades 'wow' me, just for the pop up/out packaging so when my friend at work had this, I cancelled my Chanel plans in favour of saving money and I'm so glad I did!

Soap and Glory Solar Powder
I was on the market for a new everyday bronzer and thought I'd try this instead of getting a high end one. I'm quite disappointed with the pigment of this one, I expected more of it. Also, the pale side is way too pale for me to use and I'm like a NC20/25 in MAC so I'm not exactly tanned. However, it's not orange in the slightest which I find most bronzers are so that's a plus. Every cloud and all that.

L-R: Limecrime Salem, Nars lipstick in Angela, Anastasia clear brow gel
Salem Velvetine 
A lot of guilt accompanied this purchase and rightfully so as this company has done some really crappy things. Alas, I have wanted this for months and finding a dupe proved impossible so I got it and have worn it so much already! 

Audacious lipstick in Angela 
I saw this colour on Kathleen Lights here and fell in love, it's unlike any other I have. It's a very blue/purple undertoned bold fuschia pink. I have one thing that bugs me about these lipsticks, but that's for another post so stay tuned ;) 

Clear brow gel
This is another product that had been on my list for ages and I had very high hopes for but has been anti-climactic. I'm still working on how to get this to work to its upmost potential...


Face and Body foundation in White
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but all my foundations are the wrong colour for me at the moment because I'm at my palest time of the year and the thought of repurchasing new shades for them all is very unappealing to me. So I thought I'd be innovative and save money using this to lighten my foundations and so far the verdict is that this is the best makeup-y decision I have ever made.

Pure Zen lipstick
This is one I hear a lot of from people who prefer sheer lip looks and I felt like I needed it in my life as I'm loving nude lips at the moment!

217 brush 
I've been meaning to get this for like forever so when Debenhams has 10% off, it had to happen. I already live for the Zoeva dupes and so I was surprised at how dense this one is in comparison but it still blends like a dream. 

Bao Bao Wan Beauty Powder in Summer Opal.
All of my highlighters are very 'hello I'm Beyonce and I'm happy to be here' and you know, in your face. So I wanted a nice soft subtle one and this had sold out online but when I went 
into my MAC store they still had it so I couldn't resist!

Top-Bottom: Bitten, Cocoa Bear, Mocha, Peach Smoothie, Envy
Eyeshadows in Mocha, Cocoa Bear, Bitten, Peach Smoothie and Envy
These are defo the pièce de résistance of this haul, mostly as the wait for them to arrive has been intense and just as I thought I would return home to them I had to pay customs charges that delayed my unboxing of them for another three days! Anyways, I was instantly impressed by the quality of these shadows. I didn't order every colour I wanted, I went for the 'try a few then gradually add more' method and so the choice was tough but I will definitely be making another order soon.

Top-Bottom: Makeup Revolution Highlight in Golden Lights, Bao Bao Wan Beauty powder in Summer Opal, beautyuk Contour palette Contour shade, Bronzer shade and Highlight shade

Top-Bottom: B. lipstick in Rose Quartz, MAC lipstick in Pure Zen,  NARS lipstick in Angela , Limecrime Velvetine in Salem.

Wow that was A LOTThank you so much for reading this far, I really appreciate it! 

**A serious makeup buying ban will proceed the publishing of this blog post.

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Lots of love, 
Olivia xo

Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Blogging Hiatus

Hello guys!!

This is just a quick post apologising and explaining my lack of posts of late. 

I am both fortunate and unfortunate enough to be in the position where I blog for fun only. Obviously it is not my job, I have not monetised my blog and I do not have a gazillion readers begging me to post and so as life has got in the way of things lately, fitting time in to Write, Photograph, Post, Promote, Repeat has been tricky. 
It's my last year of Sixth Form/ "High School" so I'm trying my hardest to focus and dedicate myself to getting the grades I need to get into my first choice university which is not proving to be easy- (don't do Chemistry at A-level kids, unless you really have to, it will destroy you). What with my terribly time-consuming YouTube addiction, working part time, reading and keeping up with the ridiculous amounts of TV shows I watch, and believe me I am trying to minimise time spent on all of these, squeezing blogging into the mix is another distraction/guilty pleasure that I do not have time for. (I'm lucky in the sense that I'm not distracted by a social life because I don't have one, gold star for me. Ha ha ha.)

Honestly, I really need to organise and sort my life out and in the mean time that means you will not be seeing frequent posts on my blog until after June 18th when I am free from education for four WHOLE months, such a marvelous prospect! I still love blogging and I'm very excited to finally get some of the ideas I have in my head written and posted :)

I am rambling on as usual so will end the post here. Sidenote:I've noticed that my sentences are really long. What can I say, I'm a talker. 

I apologise for neglecting my blog but if you would like to be notified when I do post again follow me on Bloglovin' and to keep up with my daily musing in the mean time, follow me on Twitter :)

Ciao for now!
Olivia xo