Thursday, 17 September 2015



Sometimes my feelings are too deep to express in a tweet and so I must shout out the World Wide Web for providing me with blogging.


This post was originally drafted in Spring  when this trend was hyperbolically making me nauseous. Since, summer has been and gone and it is STILL kicking around so technically, according to my metaphorical timeline of decay, I am currently fatally ill. 

Don't get me wrong, the clothes are not unattractive and I love me some lace up detailing but I just do not like it. The prints are of the garish variety that under normal circumstances I would see in a store, categorise as "not my style//not up my alley", put back on the rack and go about my sweet way. Under normal circumstances, when trends happen I acknowledge them and either choose to ignore them and items of their ilk when browsing (i.e. pastel coloured everything) or follow them, by purchasing items that I believe conform to the trend but also transcend the test of time and won't get thrown away when the hype dies down**, so to speak. For example, when tartan was everywhere I bought a vintage tartan blazer which I still wear now. However, the problem here is that the 70's are INESCAPABLE. 

**this method is not always successful and often pieces I believe to be timeless, go down in my estimations over time. Blah.

Back to concluding the matter at hand.

I live in England where if we're being honest it rains more than it doesn't so why are we trying to make suede happen???

Mean girls reference hollaaaaa

The fashion scene is so obsessed with bringing back decades and it makes me so curious to know whether this is what our children will do. Will there be a time where our descendants try bringing back cross print leggings? I surely hope not. 

Have we reached a stage where everything we wear is a throwback of some form and if so, what trends belong to our generation?

*Would now be a good time to mention this TOTALLY NOT SEVENTIES INSPIRED coat that I bought back in April and have been living for since?

It was love at first sight.

I still hate 70's fashion.

Olivia xo


  1. I love this post! I really love the 70's revival but suede is not a good fabric to make a coat in of you live in England... And some of the prints are a little too seventies! I really like seeing a hint of a different decade in looks, and not just something that looks like it was bought from a museum haha :')

    Lauren ||

    1. Thank you!!!
      Yeah I love seeing people mix trends from different decades too but in terms of the high street there's no variety to even try to haha!