Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Coming Soon #1

Hey guys I hope you are all good and having a wonderful day so far!

This is just a quick post I'm writing to give you a bit of an insight on what's to come on my blog. 

Due to my blogging schedule and generally busy life at the moment, it is quite a while after I initially think of a blog post idea that it actually comes to life on my blog. I find that future posts that I'm really excited to write sit in my drafts for ages and as I'm quite an open person I want to let you know what I've got planned! I want this post and others I do like it to be a sort of bookmark for people who are reading my blog so you are always kept up to date with what is to come. I will come back and update this post with links to the actual posts mentioned once they have been published so it will still be relevant to those of you reading this ages after it's been published.

So in no particular order, here is what is coming soon on ...

I look forward to writing and shooting for these posts and I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks for reading feel free to check out and follow me on my social media-y things here.

Olivia xo

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