Friday, 4 September 2015



So remember that time I said that now my exams are over and summer is upon me I'm going to post on my blog like no tomorrow? My summer is basically over now and if it wasn't already evident, consistency and this blog are not quite soulmates. Blogs are meant to be like online diaries (right?) so cue a miniature life update:

  • I got into my first choice university and I am so happy about it! I should probably insert here a generic "and I'm so excited to start" but that would be a lie. I absolutely shitting myself at the thought of starting university. It's rather nerve-racking to think of all the social situations I'm undoubtedly going to have to encounter but at the same time there's so much riding on my university experience that I just need to suck it up, grow some ladyballs and break a bloody leg. Ah, figures of speech. 

  • I turned 18! I had probably the best/most chilled birthday ever- I spent the weekend with my mum and sisters doing old lady activities like going to a spa and the theatre and having afternoon tea and I loved every minute of it. It's two weeks later and I've only had one alcoholic beverage in the entirety of my adulthood. I am so cool, are you jealous?

  • I started a YouTube channelI've been meaning to for MONTHS but getting the courage to do it took longer than anticipated and even when I had finally filmed my first video it took an entire month for me to upload it. Naturally I knew that my first video wouldn't be going viral so I wasn't exactly baring my soul to be judged by the entire internet user-base but I knew I'd be using Twitter to promote my channel like I do with my blog, a ton of people I know irl follow me on there and if I'm being honest the fear of them laughing at me got to me for a bit. I've since realised how pointless it was to think this way because the reality is I love makeup and I love geeking out about it and so if I want to do that, I shouldn't be held back by the thought that people I mostly don't like might not approve. So I did it and I've inserted my first two videos below if you want to check them out and I'd really love it if you'd subscribe if you like them!

As usual a supposedly quick post got rambly real quick but that's me done for now folks, thanks for reading! 

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Olivia xo 

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