Monday, 22 December 2014

My Drugstore Monday Morning Face

One of my favourite things about being a girl is that you can wake up and literally decide whether or not you want to be pretty that day. Whenever I wake up hating life (a feeling usually exclusive to Monday mornings) and want to avoid looking like an extra from The Walking Dead here's what I reach for and a brief summary of why...

The bases of choice

All of these provide a nice light-medium coverage that evens everything out without being heavy in the slightest. The Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation does this in a thicker way but is still by no stretch of the imagination thick; it just feels a bit like you have something on. However, the Garnier BB cream which I have in the lighter of the two shades and the Max Factor CC cream, which I surprisingly got in the darkest of the three shades in the range, are weightless on the skin. For this particular Monday Morning I went for the Garnier BB cream because my skin was feeling pretty shitty and I didn't want to slap on foundation. Let's ignore that it's probably an equally counter productive choice...

Eye Bags and Lips

Featuring my brand-less looking Collection concealers...
All of these concealers are incredible but I've admittedly been off the Collection Lasting Perfection one that everyone and their Aunt May rave about in the blogosphere for quite a while because it dries out my under eye area when set. However, for old times sake I gave the shade 2 a go today and was pleasantly surprised. I simply cannot go on without mentioning the LA girl Pro Conceal which managed reached Holy Grail status in like a week. I use the shade Creamy Beige and though it isn't Nars Creamy Radiant, it sure is the better version of MAC Prolongwear for me.

Bold lips on Mondays are hit and miss with me. Sometimes I like one as a distraction from my not so Chanel eye-bags but most of the time I cannot be bothered (today being the latter). Therefore, I used my Helen E Lip crayon in Beauty Queen which is a creamy and pigmented nude dream, with my NYX butter gloss in Praline which I want my entire life to smell like.

Blot, Bronze, Blush and...Glow?

Alliteration fails suck. 
My drugstore choice of Bronzer is the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer which I really like because it doesn't turn into loose powder when you put a brush to it so you get quite an even coverage that steers clear of being muddy. 
Rimmel Transparent powder is also a drugstore go-to but for blotting away the disco ball nature of my face. 
I feel like I'm on an eternal quest for the right blusher brush and so because I didn't want to be reminded of said quest I applied my NYX cream blush in Natural and blended it out with my fingers.
Keeping on the creamy track I used the L'Oreal lumi magique base as a highlighter which wasn't as intense as I'm used to but was a nice natural touch.


I always feel like I'm not maximising my mascara's full potential by having two on the go at once so now my fave mascara (Maybelline the Falsies) has dried up and I've cracked open it's back up, the Collection Does it all Mascara. Both are waterproof because I have seriously watery eyes and though the Collection isn't a show-stopper that gives any sort of False Lash effect, it is excellent for day to day wear and super affordable!

And here's my drugstore picks on my face. It is not a revolutionary make up look but it does the trick and that's all I'm looking for on a Monday morning.

*** May we also note that I made it this far without doing the whole beauty products on a fashion book blogger thing? It was always going to happen though so whatever, it's cool.

What product do you reach for to make you look more awake?

You can check out part two of my Monday Morning series here!

Olivia xo


  1. It's amazing how makeup can instantly brighten your day! I love Loreal Magique Primer but have never used it as a highlighter! I usually mix it in with my foundation for a healthy glow :D

    Beauty with charm

  2. That's what I normally do too or use it as a base before foundation! I know right, I love the process of putting it on aswell haha, thanks for reading xx