Wednesday, 3 December 2014


It's been a while so hello all!

As we all know, Autumn/Winter is all about outerwear...(biggest understatement of my life).

So naturally, a couple of months ago when I was nonchalantly packing to go to Manchester and discovered a dress in my wardrobe which doubled up as a blazery/kimino-y yet-to-be-named jacket thang I was so chuffed I had to share it. I always have an irrational panic whenever I think I'm outfit repeating and worry that people will remember so always save my outfits for rainy days that never happen- I know it's silly to care about outfit repeating and I should listen to Lizzie McGuire's wise words and shun outfit rememberers but hey ho. I wore this as a dress and as a blazer around the same people and received compliments both times and no one thus far has recognised that it's the same item so it's becoming an A/W 2014 fave! It also helps if you're going away for the weekend or something and cannot be bothered to pack loads- I personally wear this undone with a tee and jeans or as a dress with tights and whatever I'm in the mood for on my feet, foolproof! Now it's creeping into the winter months here in the UK, I plan to layer it up as a blazer with a scarf and hoody so I don't freeze to death. I normally get really annoyed when dresses have visible painfully obvious zips all the way down but this has improved the piece massively so praise the Lord for whoever decided to put one on this! 

In short, who doesn't love a two in one item? Here's it in action!

Dress- H&M
Lipstick- Diva by MAC
Boots- Truffle

Overcoat- As before
Tee- Primark
Jeans- ASOS Whitby Ankle Grazer's
Trainers- Adida's Superstar 80's

What do you think, can you tell it's a dress when worn as a blazer? Let me know in the comments!
Olivia xo


  1. I love a 2 in 1 piece especially as an outfit. You layered this dress perfectly I would have never thought it would be a dress! Haha I never wanted to wear anything twice I would always just rework it so it looked brand new...ahh Lindsey Mcguire knew what she was talking about, I miss that show haha :)

    Color U Bold

    1. Aw thank you so much!! I always get so paranoid that someone will notice/care haha, I miss Lizzy McGuire loads too, they defo need a reunion x