Wednesday, 15 October 2014


If you read my blog or see me on a regular basis you will know that lipstick and I are like, really REALLY good friends. So naturally I jumped at the chance to try out some Belissimo Glitter Lips and here's what I thought of them!

The pot of glitter I received came with some cotton buds and some cute glue in a container similar to nail polish (the brush was really handy on application) in a little bag so the packaging department set us off to an excellent start.

First time round, I went straight in with applying the glitter, a move I now regret deeply. I made the collossal and tragic mistake of blotting my lips together whilst glittering my life away which left me in a sticky, messy predicament that I would advise avoiding. To do so I'd say the best way to go about applying is definitely doing one lip at a time- Glue. Glitter. Repeat. Luckily enough the pot comes with enough glitter to allow for plenty uneducated mistakes and so a second, more successful, attempt was made.

At first I was skeptical about the whole glue situation because unsurprisingly my mouth and glue are not really that familiar and I thought the glue would smell or taste weird. However, as the glue is water based it didn't smell or taste disgusting on my lips before I bedazzled them. I would definitely advise using a lip scrub of some form before application because I forgot to and think it would look smoother on the lips if I had done.

I also popped on some of my Lipstick Queen invisible lip liner pre-application to avoid bleeding/ feathering and so I didn't have a indistinguishable lip line. I was surprised by the lack of fall out there was as honestly I expected a shimmering hot mess of a mouth area but for the 3 hours I had it on for it didn't budge, smudge or make me look like I used a highlighter as a powder at all...The website says they last 12 hours and though I'm not sure I'd ever be wearing them for that long, longevity is always a bonus.

Considering how long-winded it is to remove glitter nail varnish I expected taking this off to be an issue but alas all it took was a makeup wipe and it was gone without a trace! I'm not sure what colour the one I got sent is as it doesn't have a shade written on it but from looking at the website I have a feeling it's Gilded Peach.

Overall I was really impressed with the product and I now know exactly where to turn for inspo for my next fancy dress makeup. I saw the pop up stand in Topshop when I was in Manchester and reckon one of the darker shades would look banging for a Halloween look. Dress up aside, my sister even said that she thinks they are still subtle enough to wear clubbing! 

You can purchase Glitter Lips here and if you'd like to know more you can find Belissimo on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Thank you for letting me give these a go, Belissimo!

Olivia xo