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Hey guys!

So October is coming to a close and though I feel like I haven't actually been doing much, I've certainly become quite specific about what I'm using/wearing/watching- many a holy grail product has been discovered. I think there's just something about Autumn that makes me yearn for consistency...Alas, here's a round up of what I've been loving this month and why!


NARS really hit the spot this month and I am not even exaggerating when I say I've been wearing these two products EVERY day. Apart from one or two occasions when I started to feel bad for not utilising the rest of my makeup collection, this is combo has not left my face.
At first I didn't think of Laguna as that spectacular until I started using it to bronze up post-base application with Zoeva's 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush. The results have been so glorious that I've hit pan after two months with Laguna. It really does warm up my skin, it's not too matte nor shimmery and I completely understand why it's earned cult status.
It took a while for me to accept that the shade of Radiant Creamy Concealer I received for my birthday was too dark to brighten up my face but when I had, ASOS conveniently had a 25% student discount moment so I purchased the shade Custard and haven't looked back since. It is everything the name suggests and the uber creamy texture is everything my under eye area could ask for- it's divine!
I mentioned both of these in my birthday make-up haul so if you want to, you can check that post out here.

My fave lip combo of the month has been MAC's Whirl lipliner with Blankety lipstick patted in the centre of the lip. I have it on in my Twitter icon so hit me up on there to see it in action. I will upload a better picture in my next post, which will be my MAC lipstick collection.


I am not a perfume person. My sister is a perfume obsessive and it's something I've never really bothered with. Considering Victoria's Secret Love Spell spray is just shy of £15 why would I spend loads of money on fancy perfume, right? As you can see, being a non-perfume person has turned me into someone who sees all perfume as having Chanel no.5 mature ladylike elegance... Anyway, after being recommended it by a friend and it getting rather comfortable on my wish list for months, I finally picked me up a 50ml bottle of Georgio Armarni Si and it has become my everyday scent. In case you were wondering, I am now loving the fully fledged perfume person life.  


Not much has changed for me clothes wise recently, I have well and truly lost my Fashion Month sartorial enthusiasm and quick, casual outfits are currently the thing for me. To paint a picture for you, I haven't worn a skirt once this month simply because I'm too lazy to wear tights. I feel like I still live in my black Topshop Joni jeans and without fail wear them every week: I think it's time I get a back up pair.

Jumper- Primark
Trousers- H&M

A footwear purchase I made whilst in Manchester were these little black wonders. They are by Truffle and I got them in a shop called Ark in the Arndale centre which I'd never seen before in Londontown but basically it's a hipster-inspired Bank Fashion. They're under the same company so the comparison is rather fitting. These are really comfortable and look amazing with trousers which is something I've found hard to find, in my experience. They were £29.99 which is an absolute steal considering they're kind of Givenchy dupes. (It makes me so sad that I am too poor to avoid dupes indefinitely.)


In the nature of saving the best until last, I welcome you to what I've spent this whole month doing: I AM OBSESSED WITH AMERICAN HORROR STORY.
 I've been recommending it to everyone and their Aunt Mabel and I am completely hooked. I love how each series is wrapped up by the end because episode after episode of angst and dragged out plot points is something I wish was skippable in every series. Despite being someone with no talent or expressed interest in drama/theatre studies, I always notice good acting and the cast of AHS are incredible! My favourite cast members are Evan Peters (unsurprisingly), Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson and my most-least favorite seasons go Coven, Asylum then Murder House which isn't even accurate because I love them all. I know I'm going to watch these over and over again, I have started to quote it in my everyday life and I am a walking example of this Jenna Marbles' video. In case you were considering watching AHS, there's only 13 episodes a season, the 4th season has just started AND it's Halloween month so why haven't you started yet???

Thanks a bunch for reading, tell me what you're loving this month in the comments or link me to your October Favourites posts!

Olivia xo

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