Wednesday, 1 October 2014


The lovely people at Your DreamCatcher sent me these grey joggers and so here's my review of them! 

I have Sixth Form five days a week and I work weekends so I'm pretty busy and so any down time I get to chill in comfy loungewear is appreciated highly. Although I'll always love a good well thought out outfit, there's something about how easy joggers and a tee is that I will always love.

These joggers in particular are super soft and are that tiny bit baggy that is fundamental for those Sundays where you stuff your face and have no time for skinny jeans that are unforgiving to gluttony. Normally I don't vouch for joggers with no pockets but I don't think they'd suit this style and funnily enough I prefer these to my pocketed joggers. 

The parcel came wrapped so cutely with a Marilyn Monroe quote and divine smelling scented beads. I was really impressed; it's finishing touches like this that really make the online shopping experience for me. This combined with the fact that I've always found dreamcatchers beautiful makes me sure that Your Dreamcatcher are a company after my own heart indeed.

I styled these in the first look with a cut-out vest that I did myself back when I was a scissor happy DIY Godess and my trusted black hi-top converse. I'm not really a heavy jewellery person but felt it needed a little something else so put on this skeleton necklace from Primark to finish it off. In the second look I wore a plain black cami from Primark with this fishnet mesh tshirt I got from eBay alongside my New Look Chelsea boots which I feel like I mention in every post...whoops!

You can buy these joggers here and check out the rest of the range here which includes t-shirts and pretty bohemian jewellery.

Many thanks to Your Dreamcatcher for sending me these, the people I have been in contact with have been so lovely and I look forward to seeing what else the company has to come!

Thanks for reading!
Olivia xo

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