Saturday, 16 August 2014

My Birthday Meal OOTN

Last night my family and I went out for a meal to celebrate my 17th birthday which is today! Traditionally we go out the night of or after the actual day but I'm working all weekend so this year we did it a day early. I wore this white mesh sleeved dress I picked up from Zara in Morocco which has been collecting dust in my wardrobe since I returned from my holiday at the end of June. 
As a general rule I try to avoid white clothing that isn't a plain white tee at all costs due to the inevitable vile makeup stain situation that happens but the material of this dress is so gorgeous that it was too good to resist! It reminds me a bit of some of the items from the Nicole X Missguided collection. No occasion thus far has seemed special enough to wear it but in an attempt to stop saving cute dresses for exciting special rainy days that never come around I got it on and here it is! I paired it with my flowery ASOS monk shoes which have been an absolute nightmare to break in and even after months of trying they still hurt but are too pretty for me to part with. Alongside this I wore my favourite Bitchy Red shade of lipstick: MAC's appropriately named Diva, which photographed more purple than red. Happy birthday to me!

Dress- Zara
Shoes- Asos (Sold out but on sale in Plain Black and Silver)

Up soon will be a post on the makeup I got for my birthday so stay tuned!

Olivia xo

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