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Birthday Makeup Haul featuring Swatches!

As mentioned in a previous post, it was my birthday on the 16th and it's fair to say I asked for makeup in large abundance and the family&co did not disappoint! I'm so happy with and grateful for these additions to my makeup collection and I'm going to go through all the cosmetic goodies I received and include a mini-review for each as well as swatches of most of them!

Face Products

Urban Decay Flushed Palette in Streak
This is a very peach toned palette and I don't love the shades of the bronzer and highlight but that's my fault for not doing more research into what colour palette to get. Tones aside, this is the perfect travel-size all in one, especially as I'm trying to convert from someone who would rather apply 101 products to ensure my makeup lasts all day than be lumbered with a heavy makeup bag, constantly pining for a second to reapply or touch up . This is something I feel that I will definitely grow to love (I've only used it once so this mini review is certainly not a valid representation of its awesomeness.)

NARS Laguna Bronzer and Radiant Creamy Concealer in Medium 2 Ginger
I love love LOVE these! The consistency of the concealer is utterly divine. Due to my poorly developed skin-care routine (I'm working on it) it still creases ever so slightly but nowhere near as badly as MAC's Prolong-wear does on me. I got colour tested in Selfridges and this colour is a perfect match but I think one shade up would have been perfect for brightening up my under-eye area a bit more, especially when my tan fades. Finally, I love the packaging, I think if Prolong-wear had this packaging we'd get on much better. 
          On to Laguna, the beauty blogger's essential. In short, it's everything you need in a bronzer; shimmery but not too much so, can also be used for contouring and not too ashy or too orange. At the moment, I don't think it quite beats The Body Shop Honey bronzer but I cannot guarantee that I will stick to my word on that one as I become better acquainted with Laguna. I highly recommend both these products and I'm very glad that my first venture into NARS products started on such a positive note. 

I'm going to keep this review short and sweet. This is the definition of gorgeous, it's a stunning must-have. The packaging and the name is über cool and the finish it gives on the skin is dazzling. I can't wait to try this as an eyeshadow!

All things Eyes and Lips

MAC Pigment in Blue Brown and MAC Frost Finish Lipstick in Angel
I'm going to be honest and admit first and foremost that yes, my inner Kim Kardashian fangirl inspired me to request the addition of Angel to my MAC lipstick collection and it is a decision that I do not regret. After a stage of hating pink lipsticks and thinking they don't suit me I'm back to loving them again and this one is partly responsible for that. It's the perfect blue toned baby pink and emits just the right amount of sheen on the lips. It would suit most skin tones and is perfect for pairing with a smokey eye if you want more than what a nude can offer. 
The blue brown pigment I am yet to use but have been lusting over for months now. I love how ambiguous the colour is and the metallic dimensions it has: even from the tub you can see how undeniably stunning the colour is!

 Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Party Pink
I'm yet to use this shade but it's a cute über matte pinky-red. I have one of these already in the shade Fandango Purple and I love it, they are long wearing and have a great colour range. Though on the drying side, the amazing colour pay off makes it worth it and it's nothing a swipe of clear gloss won't solve!
Lipstick Queen Invisible Lipliner
Honestly, this has proved pretty shocking considering the price it retails at so far but I intend to persevere before I cast it off as useless. The concept is game-changing so I really hope it proves itself after more extensive use!

And last but not least...

Tom ford Lip Colour in Wild Ginger
I'm so in love with this that I am considering dedicating an entire blog post to this and this alone. In fact, I think I will do just that so stay tuned, but for now a mini review... In case you haven't noticed I am very much so a packaging-lover and this slick, luxurious packaging alone had me sold and so the creamy pigmented formula was a bonus I was pleased to discover. This is a shade I would highly recommend as in comparison to the other shades on offer it is one of the more unique ones- you can see it in action in my Week in Outfits post here. This lipstick makes me feel a million dollars and though ridiculously expensive I am already planning to purchase a second...

Lip Product Swatches

Thanks for reading! 

Olivia xo

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