Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My Sephora Wishlist

So if you follow me on Twitter you will know that the lack of a Sephora in London and in the UK in general makes me very, very sad. Despite the recent introduction of UK shipping from the Sephora website I am still not satisfied as I love makeup shopping as much as I love makeup wearing and the thought of making a purchase without a million swatches on my hand/arm removes a large amount of the fun for me. 

Though recently I have indulged in a FeelUnique purchase here and there, the whole shopping in dollars thing on Sephora confuses me. (I doubt it makes the experience difficult but it all feels a bit alien to me when I don't see a pound sign in sight.) However, my desire to try some of the things on this wishlist, especially the Kat Von D products, is getting so bad that I am seriously considering saving for and setting up a weekend trip to somewhere in Italy or Paris with some pals as an excuse to indulge in a Sephora splurge, oops. 

Also most of the products I want are base products and I am tiresome of the days of not owning a foundation that actually suits my skintone and want to enter a world involving no blending past the jawline (wishful thinking indeed). Therefore I have comprised a list (featuring links) of some of the things Sephora can provide me that the UK cannot. Enjoy! 

What's your favourite product that Sephora has to offer?

Olivia- xo

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