Wednesday, 3 September 2014



As promised in my last post, here is my review and general thoughts about my Tom Ford lipstick.

In short and as you may have assumed from the title of this post: I am in love with the lipstick and if it was a person we would be engaged and married by next week. This is one of those lipsticks that gives you an instant confidence boost when you apply it and quite frankly it was love at first swatch. It makes me feel so. Damn. FANCY.

The shade I have is Wild Ginger and it's the one I saw the most hype around before I bought it. It's a red with a very slight orange undertone so is perfect for using MAC's High Energy lip liner to outline your lips with before applying.  Despite the orange undertones, it doesn't make my teeth look yellow which is always a bonus. The formula is incredibly pigmented so doesn't require building up or layering and is also creamy, moisturising and has a gorgeous sheen on the lips. (Think a MAC cremesheen lipstick with the pigmentation of an amplified finish.) As a result, it isn't the most long lasting lipstick out there but stays on for a good 3-4 hours before it needs to be topped up.

Now this wouldn't be a Tom Ford lipstick post without a section dedicated to the packaging. The packaging is AMAZING. It's slick, luxurious and aesthetically puts the rest of my lipstick collection to shame. It's a very unusual comparison to make I know, but the packaging reminds me of Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience album artwork. Once the slick gold and black lid is removed, the renowned TF engraved into the lipstick bullet itself is the cherry on this delicious beautiful cake. I've worn this lipstick on three occasions but all in all have applied it about five times and the TF rubbed off on the fourth use. It was such a shame that it didn't last longer but it really was the perfect finishing touch to the product's look. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit into my acryllic lipstick stand and thus has been relegated to reside in my makeup drawer which is my only issue I have with the packaging.

My main negative comment is that the colour range of the Tom Ford lipsticks was really disappointing. When I was selecting my shade I vowed beforehand that I wouldn't get this one as I felt that wearing a red requires more effort than 'chucking on an everyday nude' and I wanted one that I would wear often but most of the shades were either very easily dupeable or similar to what I already have. In retrospect, I am very happy with this shade because I haven't seen anything similar so far though I'm sure there's a dupe out there.

Overall thoughts: Honestly, it isn't a revolutionary product. It's a creamy and pigmented lipstick that's upsettingly pricey but is a luxe lipstick investment that every makeup junkie can find a reason to love!

You can purchase Tom Ford lipsticks here.

I am seriously considering purchasing a second Tom Ford lipstick this autumn/winter. Which shade would you suggest?

Olivia xo


  1. The colour looks beautiful, really makes me want to buy this lipstick!



  2. It's such a gorgeous colour!

    By the way your blog is really cool! X