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Everyone loves a lipstick that is so wrong but so right...right?



If you read my blog, you will know that I'm a massive fan of colour pay off. As a result, I don't tend to dabble in the sheer end of MAC lipstick finishes and so my only experience with a frost finish prior to buying this was Angel, which is a lovely standard baby pink. Therefore, when I saw the PR surrounding this new Viva Glam release and read that this shade was a frost finish I expected a potentially streaky, sheer, lackluster attempt at a funky mauve shade- I still wanted to give it a go but expectations were pretty low...Boy was I wrong

This colour is as opaque as 100 denier tights after two swipes and is so badass. It gives dimension to the lips and is a slate grey (that when photographed with flash it comes up gold-ish) with hints of mauve and tons of other good stuff that makes it impossible to pinpoint what colour it actually is (my favourite quality in a product).  I wouldn't say it's duo chrome but it has an intense metallic effect that's to die for. The finish is one that has given me a really hard time trying to find the words to define the term frost in the context of lipstick without the aid of Google. I have no words to describe it other than frosty- if you give or have given this or angel a go you will (hopefully) know what I mean. 

Viva Glam rihanna 2 is like an eyeshadow colour for your lips and I would say it's definitely one of the most non-standard colours MAC have come out with. As someone who constantly wonders who it was that decided that eyes were allowed to have every colour under the sun applied to them but forever forbid cheeks and lips from the luxury, it is right up my street (if you couldn't already tell). It's great to have added an extra-terrestrial-esque lipstick with MAC's trademark quality that I love so dearly into my collection. Also, the fact that all the money generated from the sales of this lipstick goes towards such an amazing cause wins the Olivia Williams award for most justifiable purchase ever.

I know at first glance some people would see this as a shade to reserve for Halloween and fancy dress occasions only but I have already snuck this into my everyday makeup looks quite easily. I find it really compliments my makeup rather than drawing attention away from it. Admittedly, it is a bit of a strange colour but nowhere near as 'out there' and crazy as the shade range that NYX Macaroon lipsticks offers, for example. 

The lady in MAC told me this lipstick is sticking around for a year which seems like ages but I already feel as though time is running out and I need to pick up a back up ASAP, I'm THAT in love with this. 

Oh and did I mention that when I open the box I swear I hear a choir of Angels rejoicing; the matte red packaging is 10/10.

Overall: I highly suggest you pick this up, this lipstick is heavenly. If you've seen the hype around this release and are worried it won't suit you or is outside your comfort zone etc. I would say get it and if you don't like it, you have donated to a great cause and have a solid Halloween lipstick for life- everyone's a winner. If you have never even worn makeup before, get it. In fact, I would suggest that every human in the world should get it, it's that good.

You can buy this lipstick here and here you can find out more about the cause it's all for.


I hope you enjoyed this review. What are your thoughts on the lipstick?

Olivia xo

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