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I'm gonna ahead contradict what I said in my last post about posting once a week, sorry! As much as I like to think that I've picked up the hang of it quickly, I'm still a blogging noob and my blogging schedule is something I'm still trying to figure out. For now, I have decided that I will be posting on a Wednesday at 6pm but will occasionally be chucking a bonus post in on Saturdays at 12pm also. If you'd like to be kept up to date with when I'm going to be posting and, in general, the thoughts I choose to share with the internet, follow me on twitter here

The thought of posting this next Wednesday seemed plain weird considering it has me in such deep-rooted turmoil at present and I could not resist so let's get started...

These are the prettiest shoes I own. Fact. I was lusting over them for months before I purchased them on ASOS and had it all sorted in my naive mind that these would be my go-to pièce de résistance and that they would turn any and every outfit I paired them with into a cutesy girly biker chic get-up. When they arrived it's fair to say happy tears were almost shed. I was incredibly sensible about breaking them in before galavanting around for hours in them and it was when I was sure they were ready to exit the confines of my wardrobe and enter the world that the problems began... 

THEY KILL. More than any heels I have ever worn. And they aren't even heels!

It's reached the stage that I have to hype myself up before I wear them just because all I can remember when I look at them is the pain!! I've tried everything on these: stuffing with newspaper, intensely hammering the back of them, wearing them around the house etc. and nothing has worked at making them more comfortable. It's so saddening because they fit fine but the way they are made results in painful discomfort if worn for any longer than half an hour, and they are showing no signs of wearing in.

To paint a clearer picture for you, post-week-long "break in session", I wore these to sixth form for two lessons... and ended up walking home without shoes on. On wednesday, I tried again because, realistically, they are never going to become a fully fledged member of my shoe collection if I cannot wear them, had them on for an hour and twenty minutes and hobbling home and blisters ensued. 

I feel as though the moral of the story is that YES, it is always the pretty ones that hurt you the most.

Are there any DIY tips you know that have worked on tricky shoes like this?

Thanks for reading my moany post, I promise my next one will be much more postive!

Olivia xo

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